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Welcome to Dave Mauchline Theatre Programming an independent tour booking agency with over twenty five years industry experience, a passion for live entertainment, and a growing portfolio of clients. Dave Mauchline Theatre Programming can offer venues a diverse and strong range of productions to fit within their season's schedule. 
Working alongside and strictly on hehalf of the producer, we ensure the best best possible tours and platform for any production; from comedy or music to drama and shows for younger people, we are immensely proud of the reputation that we have with all the UK theatres.


Join our award winning team of liars, swindlers and cheats for a spectacular night of trickery you’ll be trying to work out for a long time to come. Audiences will witness mastery of card manipulation, death defying stunts, mind boggling sleight of hand and spectacular illusions from some of the foremost performers in magic.

Each show includes 4 world class award winning entertainers, performing everything from stage filling illusions to magic right in the palm of spectator’s hands.

A live video feed, spectacular pyrotechnics and stunning lighting, this show is an immersive experience into the art of magic

http://www.championsofmagic.co.uk/ External Link


“Spectacular family show”

“Stylish and unbelievable”

“A combination of elegant classics & cutting edge alternative magic”

A night of spectacular magic and illusion”