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Welcome to Dave Mauchline Theatre Programming an independent tour booking agency with over twenty five years industry experience, a passion for live entertainment, and a growing portfolio of clients. Dave Mauchline Theatre Programming can offer venues a diverse and strong range of productions to fit within their season's schedule. 
Working alongside and strictly on hehalf of the producer, we ensure the best best possible tours and platform for any production; from comedy or music to drama and shows for younger people, we are immensely proud of the reputation that we have with all the UK theatres.


A brand new live show with fresh material in preparation for Stewart's next BBC2 series of Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle.

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"Remains one of the best stand-ups in the country." Metro

"Best comedian in Britain." Mirror

"There's a wealth of evidence to suggest that in the last few years, Lee has gone completely mad." Guardian

"If Lee had a shred of insight into the working lives of others, he’d realise that those who give up an evening to see him deserve his thanks, not his toxic scorn." Telegraph

"Utter disgrace. Totally evil propaganda. Offensive, biased, untrue and unfunny." Patricia Culligan, UKIP