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Welcome to Dave Mauchline Theatre Programming an independent tour booking agency with over twenty five years industry experience, a passion for live entertainment, and a growing portfolio of clients. Dave Mauchline Theatre Programming can offer venues a diverse and strong range of productions to fit within their season's schedule. 
Working alongside and strictly on hehalf of the producer, we ensure the best best possible tours and platform for any production; from comedy or music to drama and shows for younger people, we are immensely proud of the reputation that we have with all the UK theatres.

Turn Back The Clock

We are delighted to offer touring dates for this superb and hilarious gem of nostalgia; 'Turn Back the Clock' which features the best known songs and monologues from the wonderful Joyce Grenfell 

The writers were privileged to have unique access to the musical collection of her pianist, William Blezzard, Not only were they able to discover scores for her most popular songs which were no longer in print, but to uncover rarely performed pieces, mostly written out by hand, complete with hectic crossings out and new ideas written in. An absolute treasure trove.


‘A celebration of wit and wisdom of Joyce Grenfell weaving her songs and monologues with the help of a nice pianist, a French pleat, a pearl necklace and a lovely taffeta skirt’
The Telegraph

‘A delightful show to touch the heart as well as tickle the funny bone’
London Metro